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We tell your story. Planning your wedding comes with an overwhelming sense of emotions. We create classic and timeless celebrations that tell your story. Celebrations that are approachable, elegant, and uniquely yours. We believe weddings should be beautiful yet thoughtfully and intentionally curated within design and planning. Details that are personalized and custom tailored to each couple.


For the most modern yet timeless couples, we curate refined, elegant, intentional, and joyous celebration experiences for all.





 We are thankful to have the pleasure to work with many couples with overall wedding budgets ranging from $55,000 - $400,000+. 

Our signature weddings average range from

$90,000 - $350,000.

In the beginning, it's easy, yet difficult, to determine the cost of your overall wedding. There is a number you are willing to spend and a number of what your dream wedding will cost. My job is the bridge the gap and set realistic expectations of what your ideal wedding will cost by determining your financial comfort zone. Having a background in accounting and finance, we spend a good amount of time curating your budget in detail to ensure we are aligned with your overall vision and goals. 

Some clients will come to me with a set budget in mind, in this case, I will curate your planning and design experience within the scope you have pre-set. 

So, what will your wedding cost? The truth is, I don't know. I don't know until we have in-depth financial discussions about your overall vision, goals, and priorities as it pertains to your wedding day or weekend. Realistically, your wedding can cost as much as you would like it to.

JRE LOGO (12).png


At JRE we work with a limited number of clients per year, that I personally design and manage. Therefore, our connection matters. Every email, phone call, text, or DM, I am the one at the front line. On the day of the event, I have an entire staff, including coordinators, task runners, assistants, and event producers. 

Pricing is customized based on the scope of work specifically needed for your event. This includes a retainer, labor, and management fees ranging from 8% to 15%.  This fee is applied to the overall cost of the wedding. 

Travel expenses and event cost minimums may apply and will be disclosed for your approval in advance. 



So much to consider, are you excited? Are you overwhelmed? Are you ready to get started?! Planning a wedding is no easy feat. There are many emotions that run through the planning experience in all aspects. It is my job to bring joy, allowing you to simply focus on what matters to you the most. By bringing me in, you are giving me the trust to allow me to work my expertise in creating your most perfect, intentional, and curated wedding experience.

We work with a limited number of couples per year based on the scope of your wedding. We partner with our couples to work on 4 to 8 weddings per year. This ultimately allows us to give you, and your wedding the focus you deserve while performing at your best selves. 

Your wedding day is an investment, we are moment makers, creating new memories and experiences. You deserve the very best with our full-service planning experience. 


We would love nothing more than to step in and take over the final months of coordination leading up to your wedding day. We know how stressful the planning process has been and while you have come this far, it's time for you to take a step back and enjoy these last final moments leading up to your big day. Our primary goal is to coordinate/manage your wedding day or weekend and the few short months leading up to it stress-free, with logistical coordination and ease. 

Our Event Management slots are extremely limited. We partner with 1-3 couples per season who have completed all of their planning and are within the final 3 months of their wedding celebration.

Depending on our level of availability and the scope of your event, this will ultimately determine if we can extend our event management offerings to you, as our full-service clientele take priority during peak wedding season, May - September. 


Our Process Anchor


Upon inquiring, we will set up a consultation for us to get to know one another and for me to learn about you, as a couple, and your overall wedding vision. On that call, if it is determined we may be a good fit for one another and you will receive a customized pricing brochure specifically catered to your celebration and needs.

We will take our time to work through this process, as we want any and all revisions discussed and agreed upon prior to signing.

Once revisions are made and contracts are signed, you can finally relax, you are in the best hands, and you are an official

JRE Couple!

JRE LOGO (12).png




Your wedding day is an investment. With investment comes strategy. We spend 40, 80, and 100 hours in Research and Development. Getting to know you, as individuals, and as a couple. Since your wedding is a direct reflection of you as a couple, we make sure that we exhaust all resources before presenting you with any decision-making responsibilities. Once complete, our R&D phase, leads us directly into our next phase, Budgeting & Planning.


Before we think about planning, we are discussing the budget. We can throw a number at the wall and see what sticks, or we can tackle planning your wedding celebration with the approach of me being your financial advisor. With research and my expertise, I pride myself on building a budget that shows your capabilities. Once we determine your set budget, or as I like to say, your Financial Comfort Zone, we can only then move on to planning aspects and start checking off the list.


Most of our couples, like to start here. But for good reason, Design is Phase number 3 of our wedding planning experience. Curating a sound and detailed design plan can take just as long as budgeting and planning your celebration. With that, once our main vendors have been booked, I then like to begin your design process. Depending on your vision, we can spend anywhere from 6 weeks to 2 years, designing your wedding celebration to perfections, and this aspect of your wedding deserves the time to hand select your creative partners. 


We have made it to the final phase of planning, yay! Event Management or Coordination is when all decisions have been made, and this is your official time to relax as we put on the hat of the logistical coordinator. We finalize the details and create all the timelines, we determine multi-day installations, staffing, and final counts. As we handle this aspect, this is your time to have your final appointments and truly enjoy these final months/weeks leading up to your big day. You will receive confirmations and wedding party timelines to stay on schedule. We will be there on the wedding day, running the show as your production manager, to ensure your day is absolutely perfect.


"Trust the process. Jasmine is a genius, we had a very detail-oriented, cumbersome, and logistically challenging wedding, with so many moving parts, guests arriving from all over the country, and multi-day event installations. Jasmine's process is effortless. We genuinely did not have to worry about anything throughout the planning process. We didn't try to take over any bit of planning, and for me to be a type A bride, with a demanding work schedule, handing over the mental load of all the things wedding planning entailed was relief alone. Even the simplest I thought I could handle, I ended up transitioning that responsibility to her. It was so easy to start one project and get caught up in another, before I knew it I was in over my head. She easily broke down the planning process and we just followed her plan. We told her exactly what we wanted and she delivered through and through. I would do it all over again if it meant Jasmine would be my wedding planner SOONER!

Our wedding day was a dream, and we wouldn't change a thing. " 


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