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For many future proposers, coming up with the perfect proposal idea can be the hardest part and is often the most nerve-racking This is why proposal planning tends to be an afterthought. After all the time spent on finding the perfect ring, it is assumed that this should be enough. In reality, 23% of women said their proposal didn't live up to their expectations.

We'll help you by creating one-of-a-kind proposal ideas that are completely personalized and customized for your relationship. 

Upon booking with us, we send you our relationship questionnaire, this way we get to know all about you and your partner’s love story. Then, with what we've learned, our team brainstorms several proposal concepts along with visuals. From here, you can decide to take the proposal ideas and do the DIY approach, OR you can hire us to take care of the planning and implementation.


T H E  J R E  P R O C E S S

How does it work?

Step 1. Questionnaire

You will receive our Relationship Questionnaire and provide us with details about your relationship. Think of this as an interview to get to know you and your partner. 

Step 2. Brainstorming

We conduct a  brainstorming session based upon your questionnaire to effectively create a sentimental

and completely personalized marriage proposal ideas just for you, based on your relationship and budget. This saves you from hours worth of dark web searching for a “one of a kind idea”, which you won’t find.

Step 3. Select Your Proposal

We send you 3 proposal ideas to choose from. You can select the proposal idea you love the most or you can choose to mix and match the ideas to create one final concept. You can choose to implement the idea yourself or hire us to take care of everything for you.

Are you ready to create the most perfect proposal?

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